Touring Cambodia in Philadelphia

Beef Ceviche at I ♥︎ Cambodia

Beef Ceviche at I ♥︎ Cambodia

Joy Manning writes about Philadelphia’s “Cambodia Town,” the area of South Philadelphia that’s home to Khmer Kitchen and many other authentic Cambodian flavors.

On sunny weekend afternoons, in the shadow of an ornate, golden Buddhist temple, Mifflin Square in South Philadelphia is dotted with charcoal grills, chile-lacquered chicken wings, and thin-sliced fatty beef heavily seasoned with lemongrass sputtering over the coals. Women pound chilies, garlic, and dried shrimp to a paste to season the snappy unripe papaya for the lime-drenched salads they sell to passersby.

Read Manning’s entire piece and then start planning your Cambodian adventure, right here in Philadelphia.

Carving an official Cambodia Town out of South Philadelphia [Philadelphia Inquirer]