Make the Most of Night Market on South Street West


Night Market moves west on South Street.

Night Market hits South Street between Broad and 18th Streets tonight. As always, there will be tens of thousands of people and plenty of lines. There will also be tons of food, plenty of drinks and did we mention the lines? But that’s OK, because the people watching is great, the bites are worth a bit of a wait and if you follow our advice, you will enjoy Night Market.

Pregame in the Neighborhood: Jet Wine Bar, Rex 1516, Cambridge, Founding Fathers and Bob & Barbara’s are all along South Street. Whether you’re looking for a glass of wine, a fine cocktail, craft beer or a shot and a beer, the neighborhood has an option for you.

Show Up Early: Common complaint about Night Market. “I got there at like 9:30 and some of the vendors were out of food.” Vendors can only pack so much food in their truck or cart. Sometimes they’ll run out. If there’s something in particular you want to try (Samboni Boys, Dump N Roll, Pizzeria Vetri), head there first.

Veterans Have It Down: Places like Nomad Pizza, Delicias and MacMart are Night Market veterans. These guys will have food throughout and can move a line.

Plan Ahead: Check out the list of vendors, make a note of who you must try. Keep an eye out for them. Yards Brewing will have stands at 15th, 16th and 17th Streets; there are port-a-potty facilities at Broad, 16th and 17th Streets.

Split Up and Regroup: Want to try a lot of things. Assign your friends tasks and a meeting point. Then you can all come back and share the spoils of Night Market.

Must Hit Spots of Night Market on South Street West

Cheu Noodle Bar – They’ll be serving their awesome black garlic wings as well as a boozy tea.

Pizzeria Vetri – If you missed the debut of the mobile pizza oven at the Rittenhouse Row Fest, you have another chance tonight.

Samboni Boys – These guys are cheesesteak innovators, they even have a clever way to add ketchup to your steak.

Frecon Farms – Their cider is great and sometimes people don’t realize its alcoholic, so the line sometimes dwindles.

El Pilon – Arepas are great and maybe the line won’t be as long as Delicias.

Pie Stand – Fried pies? So good they had me literally singing the praises.

Scratch Biscuits – Try Mitch Prensky’s biscuit concept before the storefront opens.

Miles Table – This South Street restaurant is serving up some delicious looking tacos.

Foolish Waffles – Because you need something sweet.

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