Retro Week: Whiskey Flights And The Mile High Club


The Trestle Inn, with its brown liquor and go-go dancers, definitely has a retro kind of vibe. And now they’re doubling (tripling?) down with a promotion that plays solidly to the bar’s strengths.

This one is all about the booze because the Trestle is going to be doing whiskey flights.

Boooooring… says you, the jaded whiskey consumer who still thinks (wrongly) that that one snort of Pappy you had two years ago makes you some kind of blooded expert on all things whiskey. Whiskey flights are everywhere these days, right?

Sure, but these are some good, well thought out flights, and they’re being poured for a song. I mean seriously? Check these out, in ascending order of price.

The National $16

Lift Off with this Fine Blend of Small Batch Bourbons

Michter’s US*1 / 1792 Ridgemont Reserve / Angel’s Envy

The Braniff $18

Soar to New Heights with Single Barrel Bourbons

Evan Williams / Four Roses / Russell’s Reserve

The Pan Am $18

Jet South to North with this Trio of American ryes

Old Overholt / Prichard’s / WhistlePig

The Trans World $22

Earn your Wings on a tour of Canada, Ireland and Japan

Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve / Green Spot Single Pot Still / Yamazaki 12 Year

The British Caledonian $24

Land in the Land of the Scots with our Single Malt Picks

Tamdhu 10 Year / Glenkinchie 12 Year / Oban 14 Year

Of those, the Trans World is the best deal for sure. And the Pan Am might be the most interesting. And seriously, even if these are just splashes, an Overholt (a brand screaming for rediscovery), a Prichard’s and a WhistlePig for $18 is a steal. And The National is going for about half what I’ve seen charged for similar flights elsewhere, so…

The whiskey flights are available from 5pm-2am on Wednesday and Thursday and from 5pm-10pm on Fridays and Saturdays. And the Trestle isn’t done yet. Do all five flights (not in a single night, of course), and you’ll be part of the Mile High Club–and will have earned a complimentary flight straight out of…Utah?

Yeah, Utah. Home of High West Distillery. You’ll be drinking American Prairie Reserve, Campfire and Rendezvous rye without ever having to pull out your wallet.

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