Tonight: Drinking Outside At La Peg

It looks like we’ve got another beautiful, sunny weekend coming up. And what’s the best way to spend a beautiful, sunny weekend? Not drinking inside some dingy ol’ bar, that’s for sure. Drinking inside in the summer is for grumpy old jerks and admitted misanthropes (like me), but all the beautiful people know to take it outside when the sun is shining.

And now, with the official opening of La Peg’s beer garden happening tonight, you have one more place to go, be beautiful, and drink your beer in the open air like God and the founding fathers intended.

La Peg is celebrating this official opening with some live music and stuff, too (also, apparently, enjoyed by people who are not me). Here’s their run-down of the night’s events: “The La Peg Beer Garden opens with Red40 and the Last Groovement‘s ode to the nineties: a decade of Monica Lewinsky, overalls, and some of the best damn grooves ever! Featuring special guest Martha Graham Cracker.”

So yeah. Overalls, former White House interns, beer, grooves–all things that the outside people love. And if you’re looking for more places to get drunk in the great outdoors, don’t forget our Guide To All The Best Beer Gardens In Philly, which we put together just for you.

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