Peter McAndrews Takes Over Bridgid’s

Peter McAndrews

Peter McAndrews

Peter McAndrews’ (Paesano’s, Modo Mio, Monsu) first cooking job in Philadelphia was at Bridgid’s more than 20-years ago. And now he’s back in charge of the Fairmount mainstay. He’s installed Patrick Collins as the chef. Collins has worked on 13th Street for Valerie Safran and Marcie Turney as well as for George Sabatino. This isn’t the first time McAndrews has turned back towards Bridgid’s. The chef consulted there in 2012. But this time he’s taken over the whole operation.

The menu is Italian, offering a menu of Chichette, small plates for just $5 each, 3 for $13. The new Bridgid’s will also offer a selection of ten-or-so house-made pastas for $10 to $12 a plate. Entrees will have a seafood focus and top out at $18 per plate. As is McAndrews m.o., expect bold flavors and wine friendly dishes. Speaking of wine, McAndrews is offering 8 white wines and 11 reds by the glass. McAndrews says he wants Bridgid’s to be a “true Italian restaurant, intriguing and affordable,” a place to have a good time with a good glass of wine or two.

That’s not to say Bridgid’s longstanding beer program is going anywhere. Though the number of beers is being reduced by 25% or so, there will be a tavern menu that is designed to pair well with beer. Look for deep fried Roman gnocchi, Tuscan Fries and chicken wings served with a gorgonzola sauce.


Heffe, the Frankford Avenue taco shop wil have picnic tables and bike racks.

McAndrews also shared some information his Frankford Avenue taco joint, Heffe. Heffe is about a month out from opening at 1435 Frankford Avenue. The name Heffe is McAndrews’ Americanized spelling of the Spanish Jeffe, which means “boss.” The spelling also is meant to signify that these aren’t Mexican tacos. Instead, you can expect McAndrews to bring the same sensibility to tacos that he’s brought to sandwiches at Paesano’s, namely, big flavor.

Instead of a pork rotisserie, Heffe will have lamb roasted on a spit and shaved down for tacos with fennel slaw and plum mustardo. Many of the tacos on the menu will have an Italian or Mediterranean twist. McAndrews promises these tacos will have layered flavors from the octopus to the tongue tacos to the fried brain tacos. He encourages guests to be adventurous, if you don’t like one taco, it isn’t like a hoagie, you’ll only be out a couple of bucks.