Jazz, Red Meat and Bourbon In Exton

Three things you should know right from the start about Vickers.

1) If you’re a jazz fan living in the ‘burbs, tonight is the last night of Vickers Jazz Wednesdays series. 2) They’re celebrating the end of Jazz Wednesdays with some food and drink specials but, more importantly, the plain old happy hour here runs from 4:30-6:30pm and the show starts at 5pm. 3) The plain old happy hour offers some great deals for those of you either in Exton (where Vickers is located) or willing to make the drive. And by “great” I mean “getting fed and a little tipsy for less than the cost of a couple cocktails in Center City.”

Happy hour at Vickers essentially means $3 off cocktails. Yes, there are also discounts on wine and beer, but it’s that $3 off cocktails that matters. Because Vickers basic cocktails (their “Old Standards”) are just $10. So you can get a Gibson, a Manhattan or a Vesper for $7. Nice, right?

Gets better. Happy hour also means up to 50% parts of the menu. And the part of the menu that matters is a plate of steak frites that can be yours for $10.

So yes, we’re talking two Manhattans and a steak dinner for under $25. Which is not a bad deal in anyone’s book.

And if you go for it on any night after tonight, you won’t even be forced to listen to any jazz as part of the deal–which, to my mind, just makes it better.

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