The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend

Hope you’re getting RAMP-ed up, because spring produce is hitting the farmer’s markets hard this weekend! It’s still too early for the asparagus and the rhubarb, but the trees are blooming and there are for-sure signs of life on the forest floor and in the fields.

Ramps – Ramps! These wild leeks, the most hotly-anticipated wild edibles of the year, are making their market debut this weekend. A green leaf capped with a delicate white bulb, ramps have a much beloved garlicky, oniony flavor what works great on the grill, as pesto, or in a pickle. Wild & Wonderful Foods will have fresh ramps at Rittenhouse. Want to get in on the excitement without battling garlic fingers? Market Day Canele is baking them into their quiches and Green Aisle will have fresh ramp pesto.

Pioppino Mushrooms – The delicate little stems and brown caps of pioppino mushrooms look like something out of Hansel and Gretel, but they have a meaty texture and a distinctly porky flavor. Pick some up from Primordia at Clark Park.

Broccoli Raab – Every week it seems like a new green rolls in and this week it’s bitter, beautiful broccoli raab from Landisdale. Look for it on the table at Clark Park.

Chives – Bright, oniony chives, so often misused simply as overzealous garnish, are well worth adding to your market basket on their own merit. Stir them into savory waffle batter, mix up a compound butter to roast under the skin of a Canter Hill chicken, or use them in a batch of buttermilk ranch dressing. Highland Orchards has fat, fresh bunches available at the Fitler Square market.

Morels – Elusive and delicate, morels are one of the most beloved mushrooms to forage locally. Though local morels are sure to be in limited supply, Primordia might have some at the Chestnut Hill market this weekend.

Cucumbers – Don’t get too excited. It is way too early to have cucumbers out in the fields. But Forest View will have some hot house cukes to brighten up spring salads available at Clark Park.