Victory And Waffatopia Have Another Collaboration Waffle

Golden Monkey is not just one of the best beers that Victory makes, it’s one of the best beers out there, period. It’s all weird and spicy and fruity and eff’s you up like there was opium dissolved in it. We can all agree on that, right?

And in terms of the great breakfast foods of the world, waffles have to be at the top of every sane person’s list. And Belgian waffles should rank even higher.

So how’s this for good news?

As they’ve done before, Victory has decided to team up with West Chester-based Belgian waffle makers Waffatopia to make a Golden Monkey-flavored waffle. They’re calling it Monkey Spice, and it’s available right now at both and the Victory Brewing Company retail store.

The Monkey Spice waffles combine all the goodness of Golden Monkey beer with fruits and lemongrass, coconut and pineapple. And you know what these would go great with? Some Victory Triple Monkey Ice Cream.

Or, you know, just a couple bottles of Golden Monkey would be okay, too.

Victory Brewing [Official]

Waffatopia [Official]