Who Wants A Pizza Brain / Little Baby’s Ice Cream / Federal Dounts Collaboration?

Third Thursdee is back with three of Philly's favorite local food joints--plus free beer.

What happens when three of Philly’s strangest favorite local businesses get together for a one-night-only collaboration? Fan-crazed mayhem and food-induced comas resulting from donut and fried chicken inspired pizza and ice cream, that’s what.

Which is why we’re warning you in advance about this week’s event. Pizza Brain and Little Baby’s Ice Cream are back for another Third Thursdee, and their collaborative partner this time? Returning champ Federal Donuts.

It was back in 2013 when these three businesses first got together, but to refresh your memory, there was chili garlic chicken and honey donut pies and pumpkin spice latte donut ice cream–awesome ideas that could only come from this kind of three-way collaboration.

And while we can’t tell you exactly what they’re going to be serving this time around (and, honestly, can’t even tell you generally, because I guess it’s going to be some kind of surprise), we’re pretty sure that pizza, ice cream, donuts and fried chicken will all be involved. Also, it’ll probably be ridiculously delicious. Just like last time.

The event takes place this Thursday, between Pizza Brain and Little Baby’s Ice Cream’s Frankford Avenue location. The start time (like the menu) is still to be determined, but it will be some time in the evening and will only last for a few hours, so, you know, just…linger. Or something. And be sure to not stray too far.

Oh, and as if you weren’t already clearing your schedule, Victory is providing free beer.

Yeah, that’s right. Fried chicken pizza, donut inspired ice cream and free beer. I promise you that you don’t have anything better planned for tomorrow night.