Science Says Cheese Is Good For You

See? We told you so.

We’ve been trying to tell you for years that cheese (and whiskey and hot dogs and Sriracha) is good for you, but no one took us seriously because we’re not, you know, scientists of whatever. But despite our complete lack of education and qualifications, we stood by our convictions and have now been proven totally and completely right by science!

Okay, actually by a small study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, but who cares? First, the JofAFC is THE place to go for all your cheese-related news. And second, did I mention we were proven right by science?

The good folks over at Be Well Philly have all the technical stuff you’ll want to know, but here’s the important part:

In the end, researchers found that when study participants consumed a good dose of dairy each day, particularly during the cheese-heavy diet, their gut bacteria changed and their levels of TMAO, a type of gut bacteria associated with heart disease, decreased.

Which, to me, sounds a lot like them saying Oh, those handsome gents over at Foobooz were right all along. Eating cheese will give you a good heart and make you immortal, right?

Hell, yes. Eat cheese, live forever. That’s my takeaway.

Science Says Cheese Might Be Good For Your Gut [Be Well Philly]