Voting For Food & Wine People’s Choice Best New Chef Ends Today

The three finalists

The three Philly contenders

Ben Franklin once said, “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” I’m like 80% sure he was talking about voting in this year’s Food & Wine People’s Choice Best New Chef competition.

Some of you might remember the impassioned plea that I made last week in which I implored everyone to vote for a Philadelphia chef in this year’s competition. In case you forgot, the three Philly chefs up for the Mid-Atlantic nomination are Peter Serpico (Serpico), Greg Vernick (Vernick Food and Drink) and (my personal fave, notorious dreamboat) Nick Elmi (Laurel).

Voting ends today. This is not a drill. You only have a few more hours to make sure a chef from our fine, food-y city clinches the nomination. Vote here. Seriously, don’t keep reading until you’ve voted.

I hope you all understand the gravity of the situation. Philadelphia is perpetually underrepresented in national food news coverage, and that is a travesty. Our city should get the culinary respect it deserves. So remember: a vote for Nick Elmi (or Peter Serpico or Greg Vernick, I suppose) is a vote for Philadelphia. Let’s make this happen and rock the vote.

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