Brace Yourselves: Dinner Is Coming

Dine like a Khaleesi to celebrate the premiere of Season 5

Fire cannot kill a dragon

Despite all the incest, rape, and heads on pikes in HBO’s Game of Thrones, there are some of us who simply can’t watch it without getting hungry. While some have described the show’s racier scenes as soft-core porn, I think it’s fair to say that the dining scenes, featuring tables laden with honey glazed meats, pies, and pitchers overflowing with Dornish red wines, are tantamount to food porn. Thankfully for hungry fans like me, two different Philly restaurants are hosting Game of Thrones tasting menus to celebrate the premiere of the show’s fifth season.

On the night of the premiere, Sunday Apr. 12, Cerise in Bryn Mawr will serve guests a four course, $55 per person dinner (not including drinks– Cerise is BYOB so you’ll have to supply your own honeyed wine and ale). The first course swill be a Braavosi breakfast, featuring Dorthraki blood pie, potted hare of the North, and spiced squash. The next course will be Riverrun trout served with a spinach, walnut and grilled plum salad in a cherry vinaigrette. The third course will be a Dornish lamb loin chop with fried Shishito peppers, rice with dates and chickpeas, marinated feta, olives and homemade flatbread. The meal will finish off with an elderflower custard, Sansa’s lemon cake, and milk of the poppy with sweet wine. Reserve your spot by calling (610)527-4400.

If you’re too dedicated a fan to consider leaving your home on Sunday night, though, you can head over to Sbraga the next evening, Monday April 13th for a six-course dinner for $65 a person (with an optional beverage pairing at an additional $40 per person). Sbraga’s dinner will begin with an amuse bouche of milk of the poppy, followed by an “Ice & Fire” course featuring lobster and thai chile on snow. The next course is called “The Blackfish,” which will be cod with black radish and butter, followed by “Pigeon Pie,” which will be ravioli with fowl jus and mushrooms. Perhaps the most dramatically named course is “The Red Wedding,” which consists of lamb, hibiscus, beets and red potatoes, and of course dessert will be lemon cakes.

The optional beverage pairing menu has yet to be finalized, but an example of what will be served is the “White Walker,” which is made of Johnny Walker, cocchi american0, lemon, simple syrup and egg whites. Make your reservations now by calling (215)735-1913.

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