Iron Hill to host 7 Deadly Sins Beer Pairing Dinner

We know that everyone is still in the throes of Wine Week in Philly. But eventually, this concentrated love affair with grape juice is going to end, and a whole lot of people are going to find themselves wanting a more grain-based solution to enduring a Wednesday night.

And that’s fine because Iron Hill will be there to help with their “7 Deadly Sins” beer dinner.

On Wednesday, Apr. 8 at 7 pm, Chestnut Hill’s Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant is hosting the aforementioned beer dinner, featuring a seven-course meal inspired by Dante’s seven deadly sins, with each course being paired with an Iron Hill beer.

Head Chef Jared Cannon will explain the story behind each course during the dinner, but even without the anecdotes, the menu sounds sinfully delicious.

For Greed, he’s serving a snow crab “lobster roll” paired with a light lager. Wrath will be a guajillo-braised pork belly paired with a medium brown ale called (you guessed it) Wrath. Envy will come in the form of a creme fraiche mousse served along side an American-Belgian ale named Caprice (though, honestly, wouldn’t it have been better if the mousses was only served to half the people at the table?).

Pride will be a mini duck confit cheesesteak on house made brioche paired with Cannibal, a medium bodied golden ale. Sloth will feature a black strap molasses-braised short rib paired with Ore House IPA, and Lust will be a house-made “Reese’s Cup” paired with Lust, a dark New England Stout. And as if the whole menu doesn’t smack of it already, the last course will be Gluttony, which is a creme brûlée french toast with bourbon-pecan ice cream, paired with Bourbon Quad, a malty Belgian-style ale.

The dinner will cost $70 per person (including tax and gratuity), and seating is limited to 40 people, so reservations are encouraged. You can call 215-948-5600 to make yours.

Iron Hill Chestnut Hill [Official]