Marigold Kitchen Teases New Spring Menu

Chefs Andrew Kochan and Tim Lanza generally like their tasting menus at Marigold Kitchen to be a surprise for diners. But what with spring coming and a new menu now taking shape in the kitchen, they’ve decided to give a little preview.

As they did with their secret New Year’s Eve menu, the crew at Marigold are now teasing a couple dishes from their new, 12-course spring menu. That one above? That’s edamame hummus with lemongrass, black sesame seeds, chile oil and a puffed rice cracker.

This one’s a barquillo. It’s achiote-carrots, chipotle-pickled daikon, bibb lettuce, cilantro and peppers, rolled in rice paper and served with avocado-lime gel on top. Think of it like a fancy-pants Combo. Topped with avocado-lime gel.

And finally, Camembert. No, seriously. This is their description, word-for-word: “A course like no other, this cheese dish offers a creamy camembert paired with rhubarb in multiple textures, macerated strawberries, walnut brittle and a lavender minute-sponge cake.”

So if you’re into things like ‘rhubarb in multiple textures,’ this would totally be your jam.

The menu runs 12-14 courses and will cost you $90. Also, let’s not forget that Marigold snagged the #10 spot on our list of Philly’s 50 Best Restaurants so, you know, respect. Whether or not you regularly eat fluid gels and textured rhubarb, you should seriously make a reservation at Marigold. It’s not a meal that you’ll forget any time soon.

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