The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend


Yesterday’s snow was, hopefully, winter’s last hurrah and today means blue skies and farmers setting up tables in the lingering slush. The first days of spring still look very much like winter, but like the crocuses beginning to appear, there are a few green signs that the season really is changing. Here are a few to add to your market basket.

Fiddlehead Ferns – Primordia Mushroom Farm at the Clark Park Market still has a supply of their beautiful oyster and maitake mushrooms, but they also have a few precious fiddlehead ferns! These wild edibles, the yet-to-be-unfurled curled fern shoots are much beloved by chefs for their green intensity, and for their uncommon looks.

Leeks – Sure, they’re not strictly for springtime, but leeks will add a welcome dose of green to the kind of trans-season cooking that the last weeks of March call for. Pick some up from Livengood at Clark Park alongside a rutabaga, some parsnips and potatoes and you’re good to go for a creamy soup or an aromatic roast.

Mustard Greens – Peppery and pungent, mustard greens are among of the healthiest things you can eat! Pick some up from Highland Orchards at the Fitler Square Market.

Cilantro – Though not a member of Team Cilantro myself (cilantro haters, unite!), I understand that it is a thing to which some people look forward, so I would be in error if I failed to tell you that Landisdale at Clark Park and Highland Orchards at Fitler Square will both have it this week.

Spinach & Swiss Chard – Two Gander Farm has both at the Bryn Mawr Market! And though most recipes for greens call for removing the stems or center ribs, make sure to hang onto those from your swiss chard. Chopped and added to a sauté of onions they’re juicy and delicious!