Tasting Scratch Biscuits with Mitch Prensky


The build-out on Mitch Prensky’s Scratch Biscuits storefront at 1306 Chestnut Street is on schedule, maybe even ahead of schedule. This, Prensky told me as he frantically looked for some wood to knock on, means the Midtown Village biscuit spot will be ready for inspections in about three weeks.

Yesterday, I sat down with Prensky to try a sampling of his breakfast and lunch biscuit sandwiches. Also on the agenda, identifying which sandwich was served on a gluten-free biscuit. I failed.

Prensky, who has owned South Street’s Supper for seven years has been toying with his Scratch Biscuits concept at Night Markets, the Mann Center, farmers’ markets and pop-ups for three years now.  Prensky is upfront in saying that Scratch Biscuits is being designed to be an expandable concept. As such, it will employ the now familiar Chipotle ordering approach. Customers will be able to choose a biscuit sandwich designed by Prensky or go rogue and come up with their own creation. And although ham and bacon will certainly be offered at Scratch Biscuits, the restaurant will also offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.


Guess which biscuit is gluten-free. We couldn’t, and we got to taste them both.


About that gluten-free biscuit. Prensky has been experimenting with different gluten-free flour options and has found one he is really happy with. How good was it? I misidentified it in a straight up taste test. Oh and that fried chicken is a winner too.


Dixie Breakfast Biscuit


Prensky is toying with the idea of offering breakfast all day. If he does, the Dixie Biscuit, egg, pimento cheese sauce and Benton’s Country Ham will be one of the options from morning to night. Otherwise, it will be a reason to get up and going.


Pickled Green Tomato and Corn


For the vegetarian, this pickled green tomato with chipotle goat cheese and corn relish will be a tasty option.

Late night, Scratch Biscuits will open its back door onto Drury Lane and offer biscuit sandwiches to revelers leaving the like of Brü, McGillin’s and other Midtown Village bars. Look for $5 Clucks (Scratch’s fried chicken biscuits) to be available after 11 p.m. on weekends.

Knock on wood, all of this could be available in about a month or so, City willing.

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