Third Thursday: A Pizza Brain / Little Baby’s / Abe Fisher Collaboration

abe fish

First Fridays are great for when you want to wear that trendy buttonless jacket your ex bought you and sip wine while feeling cultured because you’re looking at art, but sometimes all you want is pizza and ice cream. And by sometimes I mean all the time.

Thus, this stroke of genius from Pizza Brain and Little Baby’s Ice Cream: Third Thursdays. Third Thursdays are a monthly collaboration between Pizza Brain, Little Baby’s, and a third local small food business where guests can come and enjoy unique pizza and ice cream flavors for one night only. This month, the third local small business is Abe Fisher, and the menu sounds awesome.

The pizza flavor is going to be veal schnitzel, and the ice cream is going to be rye cheesecake, both of which pay homage to Abe Fisher’s Jewish flavors.

Naturally, Third Thursday is happening tomorrow (Thursday, March 19) from 6-8pm at Pizza Brain (2313 Frankford Ave), so make your plans now.

Pizza Brain [f8b8z]