The Other Holiday That Matters This Weekend

Saturday is Pi Day.

I know, I know. Everyone is so focused on the upcoming shamrock tsunami that it’s hard to make space for anything else. But for those of you out there of a slightly more mathematical bent (or those of you who just really like pie), let’s all remember that Saturday is National Pi Day. And Magpie is celebrating by…serving a lot of pies.

Like more than a hundred pies. That’s what owner Holly Ricciardi is figuring she’ll go through before the day is done. She’s offering slices of her famous Butterscotch Bourbon Pie for $3.14 from 11am ’til 11pm–or until she runs out which, last year, happened by mid-afternoon.

This time around, though, she’s ready. She has the pies prepped and ready to go and she’s anticipating the crowds to be even bigger this year since the math nerds are all geeked up over the fact that this is really a perfect Pi Day because 3/14/15 exactly matches the first five digits of Pi–3.1415. And that’s something that isn’t going to happen again for another hundred years.

Magpie Artisan Pie Boutique [Official]