How To Celebrate National Unicorn Day Like The Rainbow Unicorn You Are

With a rainbow unicorn cake, of course.


Sometimes there comes a celebration so silly, so ridiculous, so over-the-top-goofy that we just have to write about it. Hence, Unicorn Day. A day dedicated to the mythical, magical, horn-y creatures.

But we’re not the only ones intrigued…

Ramona Susan’s Bakeshop is committed to celebrating this holiday by giving the unicorn their utmost respect. Thus, on April 9, the day of the celebration, the Philadelphia-based online bakery will officially launch its website,

As for the delectable sweets they’ll be selling? Well, nothing could possibly be more appropriate than a Rainbow Unicorn Cake–a multi-layered, rainbow-colored vanilla butter cake, smothered in strawberry buttercream, topped with glitter (obviously) and a handmade candy unicorn.

Owners Betty Halpenny and Elly Koenig, two long-time Philadelphia bakers, will be selling the cakes in their two standard sizes (small and large). In addition to the extravagant cake, they will also be selling Unicorn Cupcakes that will kick-off their Unicorn Cake local delivery service.

For a small cake serving up to 15 people, Unicorn Cakes are $35. For a large cake serving up to 35 people, they are $65. Unicorn Cupcakes are priced $18 per half dozen; $66 for 24.

But if you’re the sort of person for whom Unicorn Day isn’t just celebrated on a single day, but every day, fear not. Their Unicorn Cakes will be available for a limited time and not just exclusively on Unicorn Day.

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