Details On Noord Owner Joncarl Lachman’s New North African Restaurant in the Italian Market


Put down that Dutch Cookery book, Joncarl!

I had dinner at Noord last night on East Passyunk Avenue, but before I left I made sure to bend Chef / owner Joncarl Lachman’s ear about what he has planned for his new location in the Italian Market. 

First things first: They’re deciding between two names: Bistro Neuf or Restaurant Neuf. The name Neuf, because “neuf” means 9 in French and the restaurant is on 9th Street—in the former location of Argentinian steakhouse 943.

The menu will be North African with French influences. I’m told to expect hearty Moroccan tajines (yes, some with pigeon), braised meats and even bouillabaisse. 

Lachman aims to get the space up and running in May. Apparently, it’s still in well order from its 943 days. The stove merely needs to be fired up, and they need to make some aesthetic changes, like installing new light fixtures, bringing out tables and building a bar, because, unlike Noord, they will have a liquor license at this spot. They will also build up a small seating area outside the kitchen, so guests can peer into the workspace as the chefs prepare the food. 

Lachman’s husband Bob is skeptical about a May opening, he’s shooting more for August (but mostly, it sounds like, so he and Lachman can squeeze in a trip to Amsterdam before they start the new business.) He also says he and Lachman will continue to devote most of their time at Noord, while a manager, chef and waitstaff hold down the fort at [fill in the blank] neuf. 

Stay tuned for any more updates. 

(Bistro or Restaurant) Neuf [Foobooz]