This Weekend: Women’s Collaboration Brew Day

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If you’re a craft beer lover, by now you’ve heard that women have served in the capacity of brewer throughout history … that is until the art became industrialized at different times in different places and men took over a newly profitable profession. So you often read about modern female brewers “reclaiming” what was once a proud tradition.

Well, no better example of that exists than Women’s International Collaboration Brew Day, taking place in Philly, New Jersey and around the world on Sunday.

For the second year in a row, pro and amateur brewers of the fairer sex will get together on International Women’s Day to brew variations on the same recipe to raise money for the Pink Boots Society scholarship fund. Pink Boots is a global non-profit that aims to advance women in the beer business (full disclosure: I’m the organization’s historian and publicity director). It’s not too late to join the three local groups, at St. Benjamin’s in Kensington, Yards and Rinn Duin, in Tom’s River, NJ.

The St. Benjamin’s brew will be led by brewery co-owner Christina Burris and Meredith Megan Rebar, who co-owns Home Brewed Events, which runs homebrew classes and tastings around the area. It’s co-sponsored by my women-in-beer organization, Beer for Babes, which is also sponsoring the Rinn Duin brew. All groups will be brewing their own take on a sessionable, moderately hoppy red ale called “Unite.”

The St. Ben’s event goes from 1-3 pm and $25 gets you the opportunity to brew on a three-barrel system, samples of the brewery’s beer and a bottle of Unite to take home. Tickets here:

Around the world, 100 breweries are participating in 11 countries, from Japan to South America, New Zealand and Alaska.

Women’s Collaboration Brew Day [Official]