More Ice Cream News: Victory Beer Ice Cream Sampling At Di Bruno Bros

Head over March 13 to try your favorite Victory beers, ice cream style.

Here in Philadelphia (or maybe in all of America), we are a little beer obsessed. Beer gardens, beer festivals, beer delivery. Beer-braised cabbage, beef and pork. Craft beer and local breweries. It’s an endless chain of beer-related news and events that keeps people excited. And drunk.

So obviously, the next step is beer ice cream. Because we should be able to have beer for dessert, too. And it’s beer and ice cream, people. Combined.

So thanks to Victory Brewing Company, we have three delicious new ice creams to try, Storm Drop, Triple Monkey and Hopped-Up Devil, reminiscent of three of Victory’s most popular beers.

For those who are skeptical and have yet to try Victory’s ice creams, you can head over to Di Bruno Bros at 1730 Chestnut Street next Friday, March 13. From 5 to 7 pm, where they will be giving out samples of the three flavors

Before you get too excited, these ice creams are all made from wort–meaning they’re non-alcoholic. So unfortunately (for now) you cannot actually become intoxicated from eating ice cream. Unless, of course, you choose to pair your dessert with the beers that inspired them. Which, obviously, we highly suggest you do.

The Storm Drop Ice Cream has flavors of chocolate blended with the Victory Storm King wort. Triple Monkey Ice Cream is infused with banana flavors and swirled pecans into the Golden Monkey wort. Lastly, Hopped-Up Devil has cinnamon and cayenne mixed into the HopDevil wort with crushed organic coffee beans and chocolate flakes. So yeah, beer, coffee AND ice cream, all at the same time.

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