Shiver Me Timbers: The Swashbucklers’ Ball


There aren’t nearly enough opportunities for adults to dress up like pirates–which is a tragedy that Cooper River Distillers is looking to rectify. On Saturday, Feb. 28, the distillery is turning into a “pirate hideaway” for The Swashbucklers’ Ball. Needless to say, there’s going to be plenty of the distillery’s Petty Island Rum being poured.

Buccaneers in attendance will dine on a four-course meal served by Black Eyed Susan’s, and each course will be paired with a different rum cocktail designed exclusively for the event. Of course, guests are encouraged to dress in their “finest pirate attire” and be on their “best pirate behavior” (which we assume means getting belligerently drunk on rum and speaking in a Captain Jack Sparrow accent–all of which we’re fine with).

Tickets for dinner and cocktails are $50 (or $30 for non-drinking scallywags), and you can buy them here. Because seriously, with a room full of rum and pirates, what can possibly go wrong?

Cooper River Distillers [Official]