Cocktail Tasting Menus At The Franklin

Head bartender Sara Justice creates a cocktail tasting menu.

Franklin_MortgageIt’s time to forget all the chef tasting menus for a moment and have some real fun — with a cocktail tasting menu.

The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co’s head bartender Sara Justice has created a cocktail tasting menu for guests who may want to try a little bit of everything (or just want to get really boozed up).

The tasting menu will run you $65 per person (not counting tax and tip), but it will also feature five courses, plus two supplemental drinks–meaning that you’re basically paying less than $10 per drink. Justice hopes to feature a new tasting menu every few months that will be inspired seasonally and centered on a cuisine, place, or culture.

But what’s important right now is the current tasting menu, inspired by Justice’s Pennsylvania Dutch heritage, featuring flavors such as “Shoo Fly Pie” and “Birch Beer.”

“What I try to create for people is a memorable experience and this menu is something that is both fun and personal for me,” Justice said.

Prior to The Franklin, Justice worked at Holeman & Finch in Atlanta where she was named one of the best new mixologists by Food & Wine and was featured in Zagat’s 30 under 30.

Check out the tasting menu:

Dutch Country Memories

To start

Schnitz & Sherry made with apple schnitz and sherry


Birch Beer made with navy strength gin, birch, licorice and fresh lime served with club soda


Plum Pudding made with rum, toasted milk, plum butter and allspice, served up


Night Sledding made with rye whiskey, pine and menthol, served up


…Roasting on an Open Fire made with smoked bourbon and chestnut praline,

served on the rocks

To refresh

Buttermints & Soda made with buttermints candy


Shoo Fly Pie made with molasses, port, cognac and whipped oat milk, served up

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