The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend


Temperatures that feel as though they’re in the single digits are enough to make anybody ditch Valentine’s Day celebrations in favor of a night on the couch scrolling the internet and catching up on the latest farmer’s market gossip, right? Okay, maybe not.

But if you don’t go to market than you won’t have a chance to indulge in any of the V-Day goodies. Pick up some of the following locally-made sweets for your sweetie.

Goat Cheese Hearts – A tangy counterpoint to the abundant sweets of the holiday, Shellback Hollow has molded some of their snowy chèvre into hearts, dusted either with citrusy pink peppercorn or lavender studded herbes de provence. Pick yours up at Rittenhouse.

Pastries Galore – The undisputed MVP of V-Day in Philly is Market Day Canele. With stands at both the Chestnut Hill and Rittenhouse Markets they’ll be offering their effortlessly elegant pies and tarts alongside chewy canele, eclairs, and delicate sable cookies.

Chocolates & Caramels – John & Kira’s, Philly’s veteran bon-bon makers, are loading up their Rittenhouse market table with a truly impressive array of sweets to put your Whitman’s Sampler to shame. Call ahead to pre-order a box of salted caramel bees, chocolate blossoms, or tender squares of ganache perfumed with star anise, raspberry, mint, and lemongrass. If chocolate isn’t your jam, stop by Hands on the Earth Orchard for caramels made with their own apple cider.

Waffles – Treat your sweetheart to a farmer’s market breakfast date as good as any overpriced prix fixe in town. The Foolish Waffle truck will be at the Chestnut Hill market tomorrow, eager to serve up their signature waffles smothered in sweet toppings like roasted apple and mascarpone, or savory ones such as fried chicken with pickled bourbon jalapeños.

Tomato Puree – If your valentine lacks a sweet tooth, plan for savory instead by picking up a jar of Taproot farm’s tomato puree at the Chestnut Hill Market. Make them a bowl of spaghetti and a few meatballs and go to town, Lady and the Tramp-style.

Frozen Berries – Skip the chocolate covered strawberry hype and pick up a bag of frozen strawberries from Rineer Family Farm at Rittenhouse, or frozen raspberries from Livengood Farm at Clark Park.

Cherry Chocolate Kombucha – Because nothing says romance like fermented tea, Food & Ferments is popping up at Rittenhouse this weekend offering this probiotic love potion.