Amis Hosts Whole Lamb Dinner

Amis is holding a whole lamb dinner on February 18.

Amis has always been a solid  restaurant—more casual than Vetri, but with a staff that was just as precise and an Italian menu that felt at once less  traditional and more restrained. But what truly elevates the experience here are all the things Amis does that Vetri doesn’t, from simple, comforting tastes like a piece of perfect buffalo mozzarella with black pepper to complicated, epic departures like the Beast of Amis menu—an ever-changing menagerie of whole animals utilized in the nose-to-tail style, always offering something surprising and new.   412 South 13th Street, Midtown Village, 215-732-2647. Photo by Rachel Wisniewski

Photo by Rachel Wisniewski

Lamb is definitely having a bit of a moment here in Philly. There’s the Lamb Shack dinners at Zahav, the lamb menu at Mica last week, and lamb popping up on dinner menus all over town. But here’s a little bit more lamb for those of you who still haven’t had enough.

On Wednesday, February 18, chefs Brad Spence and Ned Maddock of Amis and Katie Parla of the food blog Parla Food will be hosting a whole lamb dinner at Amis Trattoria. While the chefs are cooking, Parla will talk about her time in Rome and discuss the traditional lamb-based fare of the culture.

The event begins at 6:30 pm and will cost $65 per person. Customers can also opt for a beverage pairing for an additional $30. Call 215-732-2647 for reservations. And check out the menu below.

  • Cazzimperio – Carrots, radish, celery, fennel, cauliflower with olive oil salt and pepper
  • Cervelli fritti – Breaded and fried lamb brains with lemon
  • Abbacchio allo Scottadito – Suckling lamb chops fried on the plancha
  • Crostini d’abbacchio – Lamb kababs with sage and pancetta on toast
  • Lamb sausage spedini
  • Tonnarelli with lamb livers and tomato sauce
  • Fettucine with braised leg ragu
  • Agnello brodettato – Lamb stew with egg and lemon
  • Ricotta, pine nut and bitter chocolate tart
  • Citrus sorbetto with Rome Sustainable Food Project biscotti

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