Get Tipsy in Dry Haddonfield

Calling all oenophiles to Haddonfield this weekend!

Calling all winos to Haddonfield this weekend!

Haddonfield, New Jersey is technically a “dry town” by law, but recent regulations have shifted,  allowing certain retail outlets to lease a portion of their space to local wine growers. To celebrate, Haddonfield is holding an event called “Haddonfield Uncorked” this weekend. So on Saturday February 7, from 1-4 pm, folks in Haddonfield can (finally) get their drink on legally.

The Uncorked event will feature free samples of New Jersey wines (as well as an option to purchase full bottles) at a variety of Haddonfield businesses. Shops and restaurants in town will also be offering in-store specials and discounts during the event.

Admission is free (but requires valid ID), and the event is taking place all throughout downtown Haddonfield (primarily King’s Highway East). For a full list of who’s participating and what they’ll be pouring, check out the event website below.

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