The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend


In Philadelphia, we love nothing more than talking trash, especially when it comes to weather. If it snows? We complain about the snow and its removal. If it doesn’t snow? It seems we complain about that, too. Snow or no, standing outside in the chill for a few hours would make anybody complain, and yet farmer’s market growers do just that every weekend and they still manage to bag up your apples and carrots with a smile. Maybe because their faces frozen in place…

Regardless, here are a few suggestions for vegetables to stock up on to offset (or on-set?) the gluttonous weekend of football food ahead.

Brussels Sprouts – It had seemed as though sprout season was done for, but Highland Orchards still has them at Fitler Square and Rineer is still bringing them to Chestnut Hill and to Ritten-house, not that you should take this as another excuse to eat bacon or anything…

1732 Bacon – Not technically a vegetable, but if you are going to eat bacon (and be honest, you are) you can find expertly-seasoned Lansdowne-cured bacon by 1732 Meats in flavors like Jalapeño and Garlic Insanity at Green Aisle Grocery.

Giant Kohlrabi – What’s as big as a football and way more nutritious? Yep. Landisdale Farm is bringing big ole’ kohlrabi to Clark Park and, according to market management, they’re actually really tasty, crunchy and sweet. Not sure how to eat these bad boys? Peel, chop into sticks and dip into onion dip, of course.

Salsa & Guacamole – Are they made with local ingredients? No, but that doesn’t mean that these other offerings by Lancaster Hummus at the Rittenhouse Market wouldn’t still make a welcome addition to your weekend spread.

Sauerkraut – Ideal for topping hot dogs for game day on Sunday or eating alongside bratwursts or pierogi for a weeknight supper, Rineer Family Farm has jarred sauerkraut available at the Rittenhouse Market. Or look for both Red and Green Sauerkraut by the Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-Op at Reading Terminal Market’s Fair Food Farmstand.