Me N Mo: Meatballs For South Street

Me N Mo. Meatballs and More. Get it? A bit clunky, but it does convey the vital information, which is that this is the place to come if you’re looking for meatballs.

Also, I guess, if you’re looking for more.

So Me N Mo has been up and running for a little while at 214 South Street, but they’re having their official opening (meaning the official announcement of their opening) now. Their deal? Hand-rolled meatballs with house-made pastas, sauces and desserts. And they’re letting ’em go for cheap, too. A plate of four meatballs, sauce and focaccia? $8. All the sides are $5. Each day, the kitchen will offer 6-8 varieties of meatballs and sauces, and will also do sampler platters and an $11 meatball sub.

There’s a bar, which is nice. And the Frusone brothers, Sandro and Giancarlo, who own and operate Me N Mo, certainly know their way around, coming to this concept from their days at Gnocchi which had a long run in Queen Village.

Me N Mo is open now for lunch and dinner, Tuesday through Sunday.

Me N Mo [Official]