Get a $10 Dinner from Pizzeria Vetri

Get a Rotolo and that pistachio sauce, right to your door | Courtney Apple

Rotolo | Courtney Apple

Postmates, a-kind-of-Uber-for-delivery service has launched in Philadelphia and they’re partnering with Pizzeria Vetri on a swell deal.

Today and tomorrow, you can use Postmates’ app for a mid-week pizza party. From 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., you can order Pizzeria Vetri’s Best of Philly winning rotolo appetizer and pizza (Margherita, Marinara or Renato) for just $10. Normally that would run you $16.50 to $18.50 and Postmates is paying for the delivery fee too. So this a really good deal. So good I ordered it myself yesterday.

What isn’t so clear is if Postmates is a great deal the rest of the time. The delivery fee for the 1.5 mile trip from the Postmates driver to me would normally have cost $8.50. And a 9% service fee and you’re expected to tip on top of that.

The premium might be worth it if you have a must-be-fed craving or are otherwise incapacitated (like my wonky ankle). A co-worker also excitedly notes, you can get diapers delivered via Postmates, which means much more to her than me.

The app worked well, and like Uber, you can follow the progress of your delivery driver/biker. For added fun, you might get to virtually watch your driver make an il-advised u-turn after they miss a turn. The app also works with Apple Pay, so paying for delivery was as easy as unlocking my iPhone 6.

The other attractive feature about Postmates is you can get things from places that don’t normally deliver. I’m looking at you Pho spots on Washington Avenue.

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