Six Pack: Margaritas In Philadelphia

Six Margaritas You Need To Try.

Editor’s Note: Whenever we get a fresh body added to the team here at Foobooz World HQ, the first thing we ask them to do is create a six-pack for us. It can be about something you like to eat, we say. About something you like to cook. New Foob-tern Regan Abato went another way. She wanted to talk about what she likes to drink.

I think Regan is going to fit in here just fine…

Lately, Philadelphians seem to be obsessed with cocktails. And not just any cocktails, but drinks with outlandish infusions, unusual flavors and ingredients someone who was never a bartender probably never heard of. With these crazy concoctions popping up at almost every bar in town, I started thinking about something a little simpler. While a margarita’s endless options can be dizzying, it is also a totally approachable drink that can be great in any form.

So with so many drinks and so few happy hours, here’s a six pack of some of the best margaritas in Philadelphia you need to try right now.


Jalapeno-Cucumber Margarita – This drink is refreshing and sweet with a little spice to it. The jalapeno is not overwhelming, but gives the margarita a little kick that’ll leave you chugging it down and begging for more. Garnished with a large slice of cucumber, this lime-green drink will have you thinking of warm summer days.

Bar Volver

Mission Margarita – Bar Volver’s version of the margarita is completely original–just like the rest of their cocktail list. Mixed with reposado tequila, Pedro Ximenez sherry, lime and a fig, it’s dark in color and served in a tumbler glass, making it a cool variation on the original, more conspicuous margarita. It’s perfect for that guy who loves margaritas, but hates the big, blatant glass.

La Calaca Feliz, Taqueria Feliz, Cantina Feliz

Three Chili Margarita – Fair warning: This margarita is spicy. Mixed only with tequila, lime and their house chili blend, this drink is not for those with a weak spice tolerance. But even with a burning mouth, you’ll still become obsessed with how delicious this margarita is.

Jose Pistola’s 

Guava margarita – Although this tropical fruit is not uncommon as a margarita flavor, Jose Pistola’s knows how to do it right. The margarita is super-sweet and dangerously easy to drink. Plus, what could be better than $20 pitchers during happy hour?


Rose Margarita – If you love the smell of fresh cut roses, than you’ll go crazy over this one. With rose petal-infused tequila and St-Germain liqueur, this margarita is more subtle than the rest. It’s not too sweet, with even a slight tart aftertaste. The elderflower liqueur and tequila complement each other in a way you have never tasted before.


El Jefe – With all of these flavors and infusions, let’s not forget the classic margarita. The El Jefe is made with Jose Garces Herradura Double Barrel Reposado, Lime and Cointreau, making it one of the freshest and most delicious classic margaritas. The reposada makes the drink smoother, while the sourness of the lime still shines through. It’s the perfect drink for when you are just looking for a simple margarita.

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