Finding the Best Pho in Philly

pho 75 soup vietnamese square

Pho from Pho 75

Philadelphia Inquirer critic, Craig LaBan has spent the last three months becoming a pho expert. LaBan has traversed Washington Avenue, explored Chinatown and peeled back the mystery of East Kensington’s pho culture to come up with his list of the best pho in Philadelphia.

Along the way, LaBan discovers, tips, tricks and some off-the-menu requests that can elevate your pho sojourns as well.

Craig LaBan’s Best Beef Pho Bò in Philadelphia

  • Thang Long
    2536 Kensington Avenue
  • Pho Saigon
    1100 S. Columbus Boulevard
  • Huong Tràm
    Hoa Binh Plaza
    1601 Washington Avenue
  • Stock
    308 E. Girard Avenue
    (No Phone)
  • Vietnam House
    901 Race Street
  • Pho 75
    1122 Washington Avenue

Craig LaBan’s Best Pho Gà in Philadelphia (Chicken Pho)

  • Cafe Pho Ga Thanh Thanh
    2539 Kensington Avenue

Craig LaBan’s Best Bún Bò Hue in Philadelphia (spicy beef and pork soup)

  • Cafe Diem
    1031 S. Eighth Street

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