Will Paint For Food: Shake Shack Looking For Local Artists


The Shake Shack in University City is having an art contest and it works like this: from now until January 31st, anyone who feels touched by the cheeseburger muse can create an original work of Shake Shack inspired art, drop it off at the University City Shack (32nd and Chestnut) on any day of the week (and at any time except the lunch and dinner rushes, 11:30am-2pm and 6pm-8pm), and it’ll get hung on the walls.

All pieces of art, in any medium, will be displayed (so long as they fit inside a 23×35 frame), and the public will be allowed to vote on their favorites. Voting will run from February 6 to the 20th, and the top 3 artists will win a $100 Shake Shack gift card, a bunch of Shack swag and more.

The art above? That’s the mural that rises above the Center City Shack. And because it doesn’t really meet the framing requirements of this contest, it’s included just as inspiration. But I’m sure there are plenty of you out there who a) love Shake Shack, b) have access to a box of Crayolas, a Wagner power sprayer or some other means of expressing their artistic soul and c) could easily chew through $100 worth of Shack burgers in a weekend. So this is your chance, folks. Best of luck.

Shake Shack [f8b8z]