The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend

A new year is perhaps the ideal excuse to hit the reset button on what has, if we know our readers at all, been several weeks of overindulgence. Though you’ll have to hit up the grocery store for some of your juice cleanse ingredients, the Rittenhouse and Clark Park markets will help you restock on roots, greens, and other local goodies from 10 to 2 tomorrow (and every Saturday throughout the winter) and both Chestnut Hill and Bryn Mawr are on tomorrow from 10-Noon.

Salad Supplies – Rineer Family Farm will be holding down the produce selection at Rittenhouse. Sure, they’ve got a supply of hardy, cold season veggies like cauliflower and broccoli, but they’ll also have some tender, young salad greens like lettuce mix and baby spinach as well. At Clark Park, Homestead Gardens is bringing some solid salad game to town in the form of lettuce, arugula and even some hothouse tomatoes. Chestnut Hill shoppers shouldn’t leave market without picking up some of Taproot Farm’s delicate salad mix, or even some sunflower shoots, pea shoots, and spicy radish microgreens.

Fresh Goat Yogurt & Kefir – Shore up those beneficial gut bacteria of yours with Shellbark’s goat yogurt or kefir, available tomorrow at Rittenhouse. Not finished entertaining? Pick up one of their fresh goat cheeses. You can either give their chèvre the crostini treatment, or opt for one of their more aged, ash-rolled or bloomy rind cheeses to hold their own on a cheese board.

Grown-Up Greens – Bracingly bitter and resolutely good for you, Landisdale Farm has dandelion greens available at Clark Park, and Pennypack Farm is bringing swiss chard and collards. Rittenhouse shoppers should stop by Z Food Farm for Red Russian kale.

Fancy Chocolates – Surprise! Not health food! John & Kira’s have got you covered if there’s anybody for whom you still need a belated holiday gift. Opt for their classic ganache squares, or go for one of their fancier options like caramel bees, or drunken chocolate figs.

Kimchi & Pickled Beets – Chef Terence Feury is dressing up Two Gander Farm’s produce at The Runcible Spoon, jarring up humble veggies into kimchi, sauerkraut, and pickles. Now, the farm is making these preserves available to Main Line market shoppers at Bryn Mawr.