Instacart and Di Bruno: Because Sometimes You Just REALLY Need Your Cheese Delivered to You in an Hour

Starting today — starting right now, actually — Instacart is adding the entire contents of Di Bruno Bros. to their list of Stuff You Can Have Delivered to You in an Hour.

Which, not for nothing, is pretty good news for those of you who occasionally find yourself in some kind of cheese-based emergency situation where you absolutely need a pound of gouda in 59:59 and just can’t step away. And for those who’ve never experienced that sort of life-or-death cheese calamity? Well, that just tells me you’re not living your life right…

So here’s the deal, straight from the folks at Instacart:

Favorite Di Bruno Bros. grocery items will be available for delivery, including its signature line of olive oils, pastas and other imported specialties, as well as a wealth of cheeses, charcuterie items, honeys, vinegars and other top-notch edibles from the best domestic and international producers and purveyors.

Di Bruno Bros. customers interested in using Instacart must be located in Instacart’s designated Philadelphia Zone, which reaches far into the Main Line, and also extends to parts of Northwest Philadelphia.

Got that? Total cinch. And sure, you’re going to pay for the pleasure of having one of Instacart’s “personal shoppers” fill your order for you and bring it to your door. But, on the other hand, you get to sit around in your underpants, issuing orders to an invisible army of shoppers, who will then fetch you whatever your heart desires and bring it right to your front door, so you have to decide for yourself what that kind of power is worth to you.

You can get more details (and sign up for an account) at Instacart’s website. Delivery from Di Bruno Bros. started at 7 this morning, so by the time you’re reading this, the personal shoppers should already be hard at work.

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