Celebrating 5 Years at Zama

For one night only, and in celebration of the Rittenhouse sushi bar’s 5th anniversary, Zama will be doing a 5-course tasting menu (which, counting dessert, is really 6 courses, and 7 counting the intermezzo) on Friday, December 19. It’ll run you $55 per person, and the menu? It look more than a little bit awesome.

Check it out below.

Zama 5th Anniversary Tasting Menu

First Course

Shigoku Oyster and Soft Shell Shrimp

Zama’s oyster shooter with soft shell shrimp, lemon, Soy pickled jalapenos and wasabi stem.

Second Course

Kanpachi Sashimi

Truffled-kombi salt with avocado, Asian pair, lime and extra virgin olive oil.

Third Course

Tuna California

Jumbo lump crab California wrapped in Big eye tuna, with miso mustard sauce.


Asian Pear

Bamboo charcoal salt, shiso and angel tears.

Fourth Course

Nigiri Plate

7 chef’s selection of Nigiri.

Fifth course

Truffled SST Omelet

Spicy shrimp tempura with eel and scallion, wrapped in a dashi egg omelet and topped with truffled eel sauce.


Yuzu Sorbet

Zama [f8b8z]