The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend

The weekend ahead is, for some, sure to be jammed with early holiday celebrations, braving the retail bonanza, and imbibing and dining in a way befitting of a year rapidly drawing to a close. Local markets are holding down the fort in the form of nutritious, cruciferous veggies, apples and roots, but vendors are also sporting a celebratory sparkle and offering local gifts as well. Those listed below are but a few…

Living Ornaments – Rittenhouse Market vendor 4Mula will be sprucing up their selection of succulents and sedums in the form of hand-knit, hangable holiday ornaments adorned with living plants. Come spring? The little plants will be ready for transplanting for your windowsill, just don’t think of this as an excuse to leave your Christmas tree up that long…

Hot Cocoa & Mini Marshmallows – The prime destination for local food gifts like honey, pickles, baking mixes, nut butters and preserves, Green Aisle Grocery also has treats for those wrapping all the gifts. Hot cocoa mixes featuring organic cane sugar and fair trade cocoa, and from-scratch mini marshmallows with which to float on top in flavors like chocolate and “holiday punch,” the latter mulling-spiced and studded with apple and cranberry.

Wreaths – Blooming Glen Farm had a few, beautiful handmade wreaths available for sale at Headhouse this past weekend. Arrive early if you want a chance at one this weekend.

Christmas Sweets – Look for classic Christmas cookies on the table at Forest View Bakery at the Clark Park Market, and for Market Day Canele’s sophisticated sweets like sables, eclairs, caramels and, naturally, canele, at Chestnut Hill, Rittenhouse and Headhouse.

Jams & Jellies – Things in jars make for excellent gifts and many of your favorite market vendors have them. Hilltop Farm at the Rittenhouse market boasts 16 varieties, alongside 6 kinds of pickles, and their own vinegar and ketchup. Love Rineer Farms raspberries and strawberries? Find them in ready-to-gift jam format at Rittenhouse.

Gift Baskets – Three Springs is packing their array of peach and tomato based products like salsa, hot sauce, and preserves into gift baskets! Pre-order on their website.