The Gaslight Pairs Up with Franklin Fountain and Dad’s Hat

It’s an Old City collaboration with the Gaslight’s Jason Cichonski and The Franklin Fountain’s Eric and Ryan Berley. The four-course dinner will pair Cichonski’s food with the hot drinking chocolates developed by the Berley brothers. The dinner takes place on Thursday, December 18th and costs $45 per person. A Dad’s Hat cocktail pairing will be available for an additional $25.

Though Cichonski has taken a critical beating recently at the Gaslight, $45 is a reasonable price for the dinner and if you’ve had a Franklin Fountain drinking chocolate, you’ve wanted to have a reason to have several. So here’s your chance.

The first course is a mole spice cured salmon crudo served with the Berley Brothers’ Aztec Xocolatl Cacao Tea, a 17th century, spicy, sweet cacao drink believed to heal a variety of ailments. For the second course Cichonski will offer a butternut squash risotto prepared with smoked chocolate nibs, hazelnuts, apples, black truffles and brown butter. This course is paired with Champurrado Atole, a rich, water-based, Mexican-style chocolate beverage with notes of vanilla and cinnamon. The third course is a beef short rib paired with Tuscan Jasmine drinking chocolate, a rendition of the traditional Italian beverage that steeps cocoa with fresh jasmine and lemon. The fourth course will feature a caramelized banana tart topped with Franklin Fountain’s Some Mores ice cream and a collaborative Shane Confectionery smoking gun ‘a marshmallow ablaze’ that will be toasted tableside.

Guests who opt in for the Dad’s Hat pairings will also receive:

  1. “Rock n’ Rye” – Shane Confectionery’s rock candy with orange, lemon, cinnamon, star anise and the Dad’s Hat rye whiskey.
  2. Sazerac made with their vermouth barrel-finished rye.
  3. Scofflaw (Dad’s Hat, vermouth, lemon, grenadine and orange bitters).
  4. Dad’s Hat port wine barrel-finished rye poured neat.

Cichonski and the Berley Brothers will be at the dinner and available to answer questions.

Reservations are highly recommended.

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