Doobies Is #OpenInPHL and Offering a Kind Gesture

patti-doobies-400Yes, we have fun with the #OpenInPHL hashtag on holidays, during storms and such. But Patti Brett from Doobies reminds us that an open bar can also be a welcome respite from being alone.

Brett posted the below message on the bar’s Facebook page:

The holidays are difficult enough without the stress of not having anyone to share them with. Please anyone that is alone on Thanksgiving come by Doobies. You don’t have to purchase anything, if you just want somewhere to go and spend some time with some people I’m offering our spot. No one should have to be alone on a holiday. We open at 4pm.

Another good reason to be thankful for Doobies today? The bar narrowly avoided being the victim of an accident involving a Philadelphia cab yesterday.

Doobies Bar [Facebook]