Pierogie Kitchen to the Side Dish Rescue

If you’re still bogged down with the task of bringing a side dish to your family’s Thanksgiving meal and you have yet to decide on what you’re bringing, Pierogie Kitchen’s seasonal options may sway you towards an Eastern European flair.

Located at 648 Roxborough Avenue and celebrating its eleventh anniversary, the restaurant and store offers 29 styles of pierogies, some more fitting for Thanksgiving than others.

Among the seasonal options are Prune (butter, sugar, prunes), Blue Crab (lump crabmeat, blend of cheeses and seasoning), Kielbasa and Kraut, and Potato Sweet Cabbage (50/50 blend of potato and sweet cabbage) pierogies are available for the holidays, but old favorites such as the Buffalo Bleu Chicken pierogie and Philly Cheesesteak pierogie are for sale as well.

Pierogie Kitchen [Official]