Saint Benjamin Brewing Pays Homage to Little Pete’s

saint-benjamins-little-petes-beerSaint Benjamin Brewing Company’s latest release pays homage to to Philly’s beloved Little Pete’s. The beer, “Little Peat” is a 4.2% alcohol by volume dry stout with a hint of smoke and roasted flavors from the roasted barley, caramel malt and smoked peat malt.

Saint Benjamin’s Tim Patton said “we were engineering a rich yet easy drinking dark beer with a slight smoky peat essence that you might want to enjoy while sitting beside a fire on a cold night, when we learn that Philadelphia’s beloved Little Pete’s was doomed.” Realizing just how attached Philadelphians are to the 24-hour diner, he decided to name the beer after the landmark.

Little Peat is available in ½ barrels and sixtels now. Look for Saint Benjamin Brewing Company beers in the following area beer bars:

  • Watkins Drinkery
  • Grey Lodge
  • Johnny Brenda’s
  • Cedar Point
  • 320 Market Café
  • Bottle Bar East
  • Bourbon & Branch
  • Jerry’s Bar
  • Kraftwork
  • Old Eagle Tavern
  • Barcade
  • The American Sardine Bar
  • JJ Bootleggers
  • Interstate Draft House
  • Fishtown Tavern
  • The Yachtsman
  • Tria Taproom
  • Rose Tattoo Cafe
  • Lloyd’s Whisky Bar
  • Standard Tap
  • McCrossen’s
  • Doobie’s
  • Devil’s Den
  • East Girard Gastropub

Saint Benjamin Brewing Company began brewing professionally in Kensington over the summer. Little Peat is the seventh beer produced by the nano brewery.

Saint Benjamin Brewing Company [Official]