One Sandwich, One Shot and One Beer

Cedar Point's grilled cheese special with a shot and a beer.

Cedar Point’s grilled cheese special with a shot and a beer.

We’ve noticed a trend around town. Restaurants are offering their own version of the happy meal, a sandwich (or in one case, a taco), a shot and a beer. This super-sized Citywide is a welcome combo for bar eaters. Here are some of our favorites in Philadelphia.

duck-burger-rex-1516Rex 1516
has been a driving force behind the sandwich/beer/shot combo with their Tuesday night guest burgers. But that isn’t the only time you can get the deal at the South Street bar. Monday through Wednesday, you can also get the Rex burger (8-ounces of house ground beef, bacon, pimento cheese, crispy red onion and bibb lettuce) plus a shot of Buffalo Trace Whiskey and a pint of Philadelphia Brewing’s Newbold IPA.

Kevin Sbraga created one of the first guest burgers at Rex and he’s taken the concept to his Southern restaurant, The Fat Ham. On Friday and Saturday nights, the University City bar offers a pimento cheese burger, seasoned fries, can of Narragansett and a shot of Four Roses Yellow Label bourbon for $18.

Marc Vetri’s Alla Spina has also gotten in on the Citywide + one special. Sunday through Thursday, after 10:30 p.m., the bar is offering a shot, beer and your choice of sandwich for $14. The sandwiches offered include the trentino grilled cheese, veggie burger or pork Milanese.

At Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen, they’re calling Tuesday Nights “Drunk and Cheesy.” The Fishtown spot is offering a special grilled cheese, side of fries, beer and shot for $13.

At Lolita, the combination drops the bread and the whiskey for tortillas and tequila. Monday through Thursday, from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m., you can swing by the Midtown Village mexican restaurant for your choice of tacos, their choice of tequila and a Tecate for just $10.

Have any other bite/shot/beer specials in Philadelphia? Let us know in the comments.