New Bar from Nicole Marquis

Nicole Marquis
, founder of HipCityVeg and Charlie was a sinner. appears to be opening another spot with a liquor license. A license application in the window of the former Crumbs bakeshop at 133 S 18th Street has the name”Marquis Latin Philly LLC” and can be traced back to the address of HipCityVeg at 127 S 18th Street. A neighboring business told us they heard the business would be serve tacos.

The building is owned by Allan Domb, who is also Marquis’s landlord at the original HipCityVeg and Charlie was a sinner. We’ve reached out to Marquis for comment and will update this story when we have more information.

UPDATE: Marquis thanked us for reaching out but offered us no comment.

Though the location makes sense, it is interesting that Marquis is once again positioning her vegan spots near those of her former bosses, Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby. Charlie was a sinner. is just a bit more than a block from Vedge and this location will just be a block from the just opened V Street.