PHOTOS: Opening Night At Kensington Quarters


Very nearly a year after we first told you that Kensington Quarters would, at some point, be opening (and nearly two years after the enterprise first began to take shape), Michael Pasquarello and Bryan Mayer’s bar, restaurant, and butcher shop officially opened its doors last night.

You would never have known that the place is a new addition. A crowded bar of patrons sipping wine on tap and cocktails with names like “The Wishbone” and “The Cleaver,” a steady, busy dining room, and chef Damon Menapace calmly calling orders to his team behind the line in the open kitchen.

Yesterday, we brought you the menus. But for our first visit we tried a little bit of everything and, naturally, we brought a camera to share the experience with you.

KensingtonQuarters2Upstairs classroom.

KensingtonQuarters3The butchers, in their environment.

KensingtonQuarters4More from the floor.

KensingtonQuarters5Beef hearts with celery root and cranberry.

KensingtonQuarters6Lamb sausage with kidney bean ragout.

KensingtonQuarters7Ravioli with lanchego and parsley.

KensingtonQuarters8Spelt & bacon with poached egg and root vegetable escabeche.

KensingtonQuarters9Lasagna with pig trotters, collard greens and mozzarella

KensingtonQuarters10Pork shoulder, potato torta, mustard greens.

KensingtonQuarters11Pear and lavender tart with chocolate almond cookie.

KensingtonQuarters12caramel panna cotta.

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