Mitch Prensky Finds Storefront for His Biscuits


Scratch Biscuits at Night Market

When did Supper chef Mitch Prensky know that his love of making biscuit sandwiches was worthy of its own bricks-and-mortar location? The first time he sold one. (We agree – and named it one of the five must-try Philly sandwiches.

You’ve probably seen his Scratch Biscuits tent popped-up at festivals, Phish shows, farmer’s markets and Night Markets (at the one Night Market he sold a whopping 1,100 biscuits in less than three hours). Now, he’s signed a lease at 1306 Chestnut Street for an actual location.

It’ll sort of work like Chipotle – order your biscuit, choose your meat (like fried chicken or pulled pork), your sauce and toppings. If you’d rather the chefs do the hard work, you can order one of Mitch’s suggested combos, or a guest chef creation. (Bonus for you intolerants out there: he’s got homemade gluten-free biscuits too.) Other menu items will include a rotating bread pudding made from, wait for it…biscuits, and deep-fried, flavored, pop-able biscuit tots. It will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and there will be Rival Bros. coffee.

The 1,100 square-foot space is long and narrow and will have room for some seating. And this is super fun: The back of the restaurant opens to the same alley that is near Opa’s beer garden, and in the summer months Mitch will sell the flaky sandwiches right from the back door. (So Southern!)

He’s hopeful for an April or May opening, but says, ya know … Philly.

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