So You Guys Are Coming To Whiskey Fest, Right?

I’m just asking because it’s tomorrow night. And it’s the kinda thing you have to plan for–at least a little. You gotta get your tickets, find your favorite drinking pants, figure out how best to work your way through the bajillion spirits that will be available. It requires some thought.

VIP tickets are already sold out, but there are still some general admission tickets left. $95 a head basically means you can drink (and eat) for two-and-a-half straight hours and, frankly, if you can’t get your money’s worth in that amount of time, you need to seriously re-think your strategy.

There will be plenty of restaurants there (Indeblue, Luke’s Lobster, Slice and Village Whiskey just to name a few), and the guys from Righteous Felon will be doling out the jerky. But really, this is about the booze. And as in years past, there will be no shortage of liquor on the premises. I mean, check out this list. You pour a little Stranahan’s down your neck, chase it with some 15 year old Redbreast, and you’re already well on your way to making back that ticket price.

Anyway, we’re all gonna be there tomorrow so here’s hoping you’ll be joining us. Get your tickets below and we’ll see you tomorrow night.

Whiskey Fest [Official]