PHOTOS: Lo Spiedo Is Doing Some Menu Testing


And the best part? Jeff Michaud is taking pictures (along with Brad Spence and Marc Vetri), so check out a collection of snaps of what you’ll be eating when Lo Spiedo opens to the public on October 27. For starters, that one up top is a milk chocolate semifreddo sundae with meringue and salted caramel sauce, courtesy of chef Michaud.

Lo Spiedo brisket and short rib on the smoker

Brisket and short ribs in the smoker

Lo Spiedo Spit roasted veg salad

A spit-roasted vegetable salad

Lo Spiedo Goat Rotisserie Brad Spence Instagram

Goats on the rotisserie

Lo Spiedo Brad Spence Half Chicken

Awesome looking half-chickens that I want to eat right now

Lo Spiedo Brad Spence Pasta Reginette

Wouldn’t be a Vetri family restaurant without some pasta

Lo Spiedo Spit Roasted lamb

Spit-roasted lamb, ready to go in someone’s belly

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Brad Spence [Instagram]

Marc Vetri [Instagram]