Bing Bing Dim Sum to Offer Awesome Doughy Things

So Bing Bing’s construction has come to a slow halt. However, the opening date is still set for some time in late November or early December of this year–provided everything else goes according to plan from here on out.

With that being said, the interior of Bing Bing Dim Sum sounds pretty cool, featuring booths converted from antique Chinese day beds and a large community table that seats 12.

And now we know a few things about the menu as well.

Ben Puchowitz, part-owner of Cheu Noodle Bar with Shawn Darragh, tells us that in order to come up with the ideas driving Bing Bing’s menu, the two travelled all the way to Tokyo and Hong Kong. That was where their best ideas came from, and the inspiration that led to the menu in its current (rough) form.

Right now we know that Bing Bing’s menu will feature a section called “Doughy Things,” which will specialize in different kinds of dumplings and buns –XLB’s, pan-fried bao, and har gow, for example. The dumplings and buns will all be cooked in a custom made steamer. The rest of the menu will riff on the non-dumpling appetizers offered at your standard dim sum restaurant–stuff like congee rice porridge, ribs, and fried baitfish.

There will be a small bar with pre-mixed punches, cocktails and 2 beers on draft, as well as a selection of bottles. In the works is also a selection of teas. For dessert, Bing Bing will offer plentiful options, which will include items like egg custard buns, Hong Kong waffles (which might be the greatest single thing that Bing Bing is looking at introducing to Philly’s larger dim sum scene) and sponge cake.

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