Want To Learn How To Be A Distiller? Talk To A Distiller


Cooper River Distillers is the first legal distillery in New Jersey since prohibition. They have their distillery up and running and have been producing their first spirit–Petty Island Rum–since April of 2014.

Yes, that basically means they’ve got six months behind them. And in this area, in this day and age, that kinda makes them experts. Which is maybe why the first time the Cooper River crew held an Aspiring Distillers Workshop, it completely filled up with folks who wanted to learn how to turn corn into delicious, delicious alcohol (without killing themselves in the process).

Matter of fact, it was SO popular, that Cooper River is now planning on doing a second workshop. It’s currently scheduled for November 22nd, but the reason we’re giving you so much notice is because there are only 15 seats available and they’re likely to go fast. You can get more details (and reserve your spot) by emailing Ben Donia at [email protected].