Meet the Penn Grad Blogging About His Olive Garden Pass

matt pershe-beforeMatt Pershe recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and has joined AmeriCorps. His AmeriCorps stipend has him looking for cheap food and he’s found it in Olive Garden’s “Never Ending Pasta Pass.” an all-you-can-eat-for-seven-weeks for $99 deal offered by the Italian restaurant chain.

Pershe is documenting the time while he tries to get his money’s worth and not turn into a “pasta-sized” version of himself.

The writing draws you in and we’ll be checking back in with Pershe as the days and alfredo slip by.

Four days into this experience, I’ve pushed off far enough from the dock to simultaneously feel confident in my ability to stay afloat and scared that I won’t be returning to the dock for a long time. When you have a conflict of feelings like that, rainy days don’t help push the scale towards the confident side of things.

The Never Ending Pasta Blog [Tumblr via Eater]